Beyond imagination

MTLS is the place where the idea becomes tangible, the concept of a project is concretized and becomes real.

We are highly specialized in the processing of fabrics of all kinds, including cashmere wool, real and faux leather and synthetics.
Experience and qualified technical skills allowed us over time to integrate new technologies, developing innovative production processes.
We manufacture belts, bags, leather accessories, back belt labels and different kinds of applications.


Your idea, our professionalism

We support customers at every stage of the creative process and product development. In the constant search of an iconic aesthetic, we create samples and prototypes, from the graphic study to the creation of the final model. We look for materials and accessories that best meet the particular needs.

Making a service of excellence through our quality products is our priority, which is why we are trusted partners of many established luxury brands in the fashion world.

If you are looking for a highly specialized production partner, you are in the right place. We are ready to take on new challenges, explore new places and develop products that come from shared ideas.