Your Luxury Partner

We interpret your idea of style and we give shape to the different social expressions of which fashion is a witness and a testimonial.


our universal language

From the creative design to the creation of iconic pieces, which anticipate trends and enter the collections of the most influential luxury fashion brands on the international scene.

Inspiration and intellect

Creativity, skills and tools at your disposal to create out of the box products, new styles and bold shapes to design new collections.

The “Made in Italy” excellence

At MTLS, a team of creators, stylists, designers and specialized technicians work together to concretize an idea.

We are specialized in the production of semi-finished and finished leather articles, accessories for clothing, belts and special processing on leather.

Every detail that surrounds us is a source of motivation and inspiration, the source from which to draw to give life to a product never seen before.
Explore the bond between art, architecture and design that determines new style trends, enclosed in the new collection.


We satisfy the needs of the present generation while preserving those of the future generation.