About us

Metalservice is a company founded in 1991 in Corropoli, part of the municipality of Teramo, where an highly specialised industrial area rises up. This area is among the most important ones for what concerns the textile and manufactured goods sector labelled “Made in Italy”. Metalservice was originally specialised in the marketing of small metal goods for industries that produced clothing, footwear, belts and leather goods.
Over the years we have expanded our company’s skills, enabling an important transformation of our “mission”: Metalservice is now a leading company in the production of belts, rear belt tags, decorations, bags, leather, accessories, ribbon, fabric or metal. This is the example of how craftmanship skills, applied to a modern and technological industry, can transform a young and dynamic company into a reference point for the most important brands of the italian and international fashion sector.
Thanks to the computerisation of our technical office, Metalservice can realize unique and personalized prototypes that can satisfy the most particular demands.
Our guidelines are the detailed knowledge of the materials and the use of advanced technologies, elements that give to leather and to all the other materials we use a modern and updated meaning, maintaining the original qualities of each element. Thanks to this know how, Metalservice has developed a material and manufacturing process selection that is constantly evolving.
High quality, on time deliveries and attention to costumer’s needs are the main features of Metalservice, a company that carefully selects its partners, working together with suppliers that provide high quality raw materials with certificates of origin. Metalservice and its suppliers always respect the international legislation regarding production, commerce and manufacture.


Although the continuous research has implemented the manufacture of alternative materials, leather with its incomparable quality, duration, elegance, softness, tactility, prestige and color, remains the main material in which our company has specialized.
We think that leather is not only a simple material, but also a symbol of ancient values. Its structure, its surface and its smell, give leather a great charm that remains unchanging. We are well aware about the fact that leather products are not precious only because of they are made of high quality materials, but even because they need a particular use: the ability to take care of things, to understand and appreciate their uniqueness and exclusivity.